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Displays are usually thought of as any type of packaging that is used for retail or visual marketing. At SIGMA PACKAGING we produce everything from counter to floor displays with printing availability up to four colors. Our design department has the latest in technology so that ideas can be developed creatively and efficiently.


Box makers normally prefer dimensions of a box to be expressed as inside dimensions. It is very important to be precise in giving us the three dimensions accurately.


Corrugated board has two main components. The linerboard is the flat paper that makes up both sides of the board and the medium is the fluted paper in between the liners.

Triplewall board is converted on our two jumbo flexographic folder gluers.


The inventors of corrugated board applied the same principles to paper as ancient architects did to buildings. When trying to uphold heavy loads, the most efficient way is by using an arch. Generally the larger flute profiles give greater vertical strength and cushioning. The smaller flutes help enhance graphic capabilities while providing greater structural integrity. By experimenting with flute profiles, designers can vary compression strength, cushioning strength and thickness.

Flutes come in several standard sizes such as A, B, C, E, and F. We currently convert all the above flutes in our facility. Different flute profiles can be combined in one piece of combined board. For instance, our doublewall board uses a B-C flute combination.

Flute Designation* Flutes per Linear Foot Flute Thickness (in.) Flute Cross Section
A FLUTE 33 ± 3 3 / 16
B FLUTE 47 ± 3 1 / 8
C FLUTE 39 ± 3 5 / 32
E FLUTE 90 ± 4 1 / 16
* Other specialized flute sizes, including K, F, and N, are less common but also available. (Source: The Wiley
   Encyclopedia in Packaging Technology)
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