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If you want to find something in the box , please join us....

SIGMA PACKAGING is a progressive, competitive, growth oriented enterprise. Our history is marked by continuous improvement, growth and meeting the challenges of the future. We recognize the important role of our current employees and welcome all new employees with the hope that they will also grow and prosper with us. If you are looking for employment, please contact our Human Resources at the number below. Some of the positions that we are currently accepting resumes for are :

R& D section,
Outside Sales,
Plant Supervision,
Maintenance Mechanics.

If you would like to send your resume to us for employment consideration, please fax it to +91-260-2669676.

SIGMA PACKAGING is an equal opportunity employer offering a pleasant, clean workplace, as well as an attractive compensation and benefits package.
We are fully equipped to manufacture and deliver Fixed sized and Customized corrugated boxes as per your business requirements.
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